How do I get him to stop talking to me without being rude?

Bob and I were into each other and literally everyone shipped us because we would always be together. We were getting to know each other and then we confessessed that we liked each other. Everything was all roses and butterflies until one day he randomly told me he didn't like me. He said he never liked me. I cried and pushed myself together so that I wouldn't be depressed. I changed so much for myself, and tried to be nice to him, but he ignored me for a really long time. Bob and I have a class, and got put in a project together. So no matter how bad I felt because of him, I have to put it aside so that we could work together. Everyone got their part, so I went to do my things. And then all of a sudden he messages me asking about the project, I answered because I can't let the group down. We finished our project and he continues to message me "friendly" things. He stops and waits for me after school just like before, as if he never hurt me. It makes me so sad, and he doesn't see how hurt I am. I don't even want to be his friend. How do I tell him without being rude since we will start another project soon.


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  • Why do you care about being rude or not? He doesn't give a shit about you at all whatsoever and you feel you still need to be nice to him? Smh.

    • because we have to work together. I hate being mean

    • Well on Friday I found out he regretted hurting me and he likes me.

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