After a break up, who gets the pet dogs?

A friend of mine has split from her boyfriend of two and a half year. While they where together they rescued a dog and now there is major arguments over who gets to keep it.
Any advice and has anyone ever been in this situation?


Most Helpful Guy

  • A simple test.
    Tell them they'll get half each, then pretend you're actually going to cut it in two. The one freaking out and telling that the other should have it (because they can't see the dog die) is the one who should keep it. Because that person cares the most.

    • haha isn't that some bible story? haha thanks x

    • That was in the Bible? King Solomon I believe?

    • @smokahontas correct, king Salomo did that (except with a sword) to decide who of two women got to keep a child they both claimed to be theirs

Most Helpful Girl

  • The one who bought it and signed the papers. If you do not have that information, then you should just flip a coin and get it over with. That is why a couple should never get a dog together. Adopt or purchase your own dog so you won't have a situation like that..


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  • Who signed the adoption papers? Was it gifted?

    Do joint custody perhaos one each. You can stay aquantances for the pets sake until someone looses them...

    • thanks for your help x

  • You should both be able to see the dogs. Share them.


What Girls Said 1

  • Make the who does the dog want- test.
    Tell them to stay away and a 3rd person should let the dog in the middle of them. The person who the dog approaches, he ahould be keeping the dog


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