Has anyone ever got back together with an ex, more than 6 months later?

If so, what happened? Did it last or did you breakup again?


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  • I've seen it work like before, my current ex dumped me and went back to her ex after nine months. So I guess it works but its probably not going to last. of course I had to get hurt in the process ha

    • Think you will be right. All
      The stuff I've been reading suggests this to be the most likely outcome and that the breakup the second time round is normally a bad one

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    • He sounds a bit of a control freak if that's the case.
      She won't realise it but he's precinditioned Her to think she loves him. Once she wakes up she'll see more clearly.

    • She is young only 18 and honestly chances are they will break up down the road were young. Im 21 and her ex is 19 but we are the exact opposite, she has tasted what's its like to be with a mature guy vs a immature guy.

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  • Eh I don't know. My ex and I dated for 4 years, and we were off and on. We had the same problems and those problems were why we kept breaking up. Sometimes It can work going back with an ex but sometimes it can't. As long as you two work together and never repeat the same problems you had then yeah it can work.

    But they are an ex for a reason. You learn from it and then you move on and meet new people.

    • There is a lot of this moving on business going on. Maybe I'm the only one who wanted to work on stuff with an ex. I find that rather surprising

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  • No, once and ex, always an ex or a possible friend but nothing more! I like to start a a relationship with a clean slate and a different person.

  • Nooo... You broke up for a reason, you just sometimes forget why and it feels like when you first met again. Rarely ever works twice.


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