What does it mean if a friend (who's a girl) is being really supportive over my breakup?

So me and my girlfriend broke up after 5 months, and my friend (who's a girl) is being really supportive. She's saying stuff like "I'm hear for you" and "if you want to talk about it I'm here" she also was questioning stuff like "do you think you'll get back with her?" And "do you want to still date her or be friends?" Does this mean she's into me or likes me?


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  • She may like you, but it's equally possible she doesn't!! It's safest to assume she's just a nice person, supporting her friend. If you get other signs that she likes you, think again, but if you take her nice behaviour to mean she likes you, you risk offending her!

  • I don't know, that's not much to go off of. I have comforted my guy friends similarly after break ups and I have no interest in being with them. I'm not saying she doesn't like you because it's very possible. Look for other signs.


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