Its over but its in my head, so its not over. How do I... ?

Okay, so have feelings for this girl and she did some years ago too (2 years). But she is seeing other guys and I assume she doesn't have feelings for me anymore because she ignores me.

We are still friends, and our friendship was very good too. I just can't bear seeing her on my Facebook at times because I want to get over her. So can I do this without making her think I am mad at her? What explanation do I give.

I am thinking of not logging into my Facebook for a while. It makes me sad. On the one side, I feel like I won't find someone who reciprocated my love that much, and so I think if I stick around I may have a chance in the future. Also, I like that we were friends. On the other side, she is in a relationship already and is probably happy, I think.

I don't want to make things to melodramatic, but I do know that if I unfriend her without any explanation she will know. So what do I tell her? I did bring my feelings to her once and she was upset because she didn't think it would work with me. So that way 1 year ago, do I tell her again and end the friendship or just stay away from my Facebook?

How do I get over her? I think she is the most special girl I have known and I just can't imagine feeling that way about anyone.


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  • Own your feelings. If it's too hard to look at stuff on fb about her then unfriend her and tell her if she asks. Then stop talking to her if she is in another relationship and allow yourself the best chance to move on.

    • The thing is she won't ask.. She unfriended me before and I became upset, then she friended me and I don't feel like getting into that cycle of explanation and drama again.

      I think I will just delete my Facebook

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    • It's just facebook! Just delete her, geez.

    • Okay. Not doing that. It doesn't matter. I will just unfollow her and be less on Facebook. Thank you.

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