So I'm in a pickle and completely clueless on what to do here?

So this is LONG. I love my girlfriend but I am leaving her soon because she treats me like shit and after a year of it I have finally had enough. And my it turns out my friend Elise (who I used to crush on majorly but I suppressed it) found out and we had a long conversation about me and her and she found out I used to crush on her... turns out she was the same with me. The thing is that finding this out has stirred up both our feelings for each other and I am lost. I STILL love my girl but am planning to leave her and after a few months get together with Elise. Is this a horrible idea? I mean Elise is my second closest friend, very closest female friend , so I know her really well and I know she would treat me right and actually be a NON-abusive girlfriend, we would have to long distance BUT she can come live with me for a awhile every year because neither of our parents know that we like each other... they think we are just close friends. At this point I don't know if I'm leaving Moe for Elise, I mean I've been debating leaving for at least 2 months because she is really manipulative and emotionally abusive and at this point I can't take being with a girl that makes me wanna cut. With Moe I feel like everyday she breaks my heart over her knee and steps on it. Would it be better to tell Moe that I need her to be start being better if she wants me cause I still do love her... and she makes me feel good when she decides to treat me right or should I break it off? I know if I do she'll be super depressed about it and I've , I've gotten to the point leaving her wouldn't hurt me, but hurting her would, I love her but I don't like how our relationship is. Is there any girls out there that can help me through this situation? If I go to Elise I'd cut off contact to Moe and of I stay with Moe I'd do vise versa so imma be 100% loyal to whoever I'm with.


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  • Well, if you stay with Moe then you'll be risking your friendship now that more is
    Out in the open... You've probably shown signs to moe that your unhappy so she'd probably only straighten up temporarily.. I know you don't want to hurt her but she doesn't mind hurting you. It's your life so make the choice better for you.


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  • Well first thing is first, Its all about you what will make you the happiest, cause its your life. Just be careful if you leave Elise and you date Moe, that you need to make sure all feelings for Elise are dead. Or your new relationship will not last.

    • Its the other way around, leaving Moe for Elise... but I don't wanna hurt anyone..

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    • So I have to hurt me, Elise, or moe?

    • Remember your the decider, so basically your not going to be really hurt. Either one lf the girls will be hurt. In my situation it was my ex who was the decider choosing me her current bf of her ex and she chose her ex

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