What do you think the chances are of a reconciliation sometime?

GF dumped me three months ago, I went no contact and so did she. recently I made contact and she was cold but then I apologized for losing sight of things that may have lead to the break up, I also thanked her for spending time with me and making me a better man for knowing her. then she responded by asking what I lost sight of. and there was more communication. After a bunch of emails I told her thanks again and then I said goodbye to her in a final kind of way. I felt is was the right thing to do, even though I still love her. I was great to her and she admitted that, it was a great relationship. still not sure why it ended. I will move on but I still want her.
I need some help with this one people.


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  • She lost sight and you lost sight. She lost sight and it seems she found it elsewhere. That's why it ended with no answers. She was cold and then apologized because she knew she was wrong for walking away the way she did. She knew you were a good guy, but just not what she thought she wanted. If you two were to ever try again it would end with her leaving again and you being hurt and feeling like a fool for trying again. You two seem like you would be good friends when you can handle it being just that but a relationship is not for you two. Take time and heal so you don't hurt someone else, then go out met new people and try opening up your heart to someone else when your ready. This is a new year and your season for grace and favor. This is your year to prosper and receive what is for you. But you can't do it holding on to old baggage. Give it a try. Let us know how it turns out for you. :)


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  • What's the question?

    • what are the chances of reconciling with this woman

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    • Your attitude and ignorance won't help you with women.

    • this is not attitude, this is genuine hurt over a lost love followed by a lot of research as to why, no real reasons were given to the ending of the relationship , I treated her very well, love of my life, but it ended and I want her back that is all it is

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  • You're hung up on the idea that women love a challenge, to chase.

    Unfortunately, I agree.

    You seem to already know the answer to you own question, bud.

    • I am too close to the situation, I don't know the answer

    • If you do pursue her, you'll have to play games just to keep her. Is that something you want to do?

      Personally, I would drop the bitch since she seems to have dropped you first.

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