Is this it? Is my GF finally not mad at me anymore?

We had an argument about a week ago, we cut contact because she said she wanted 2 weeks to let things "calm down". But yesterday, out of the blue, she sent me a text thanking me for sending a card to her grandparents and then telling me how much they appreciated it.

A little later on I got another text asking "Are you OK? How was your trip back to Bristol?"

We had a nice conversation. Do you think she's over the argument and not mad at me anymore?


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  • Maybe lime she said she needed 2 weeks to. cool. down maybe she's already cool and ready to start again, be casual with jer tho do not overwhelm her and hopefully things go right for you

    • Yeah, I think we'll be more relaxed now.

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  • well that or she's still mad and chooses to move on with unresolved issuers that will come back and bite you

    • Well I don't really want to bring this shit up in a conversation. If she does then fine, but I'd rather not.

    • she will later on maybe to use against you or in an argument. or maybe she's really not mad

    • best bet talk to her about it and resolve the issues

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