What should I do? My ex just emailed me after a nasty breakup. Do I respond? Or nah? I'm very confused. Please help?

my girl left me maybe a month ago after she thought i was lying about something. We've had our drama before so I thought she was trying to make me realize something, and eventually she would come back. 1 day turned into 2, then 2 into 3, the 3 into 4 without hearing from her. So i emailed her cause I had no phone to tell her i miss her and im not a liar and so on. After that i didn't hear from her for another week or so. So i started emailing her hard, like i miss you, please come back, make me complete again. I didn't have wifi so i was walking to my nearest mcdonalds in freezing wisconsin snow just to write her. Sometimes she would respond like I still love u, i miss you. telling me i messed up for lying and she could never get back with me cause she can't trust me. She told me she would come over twice so i would wait the whole day just to walk to mcdonalds later and ask her if she was still coming? and she would say im getting my nails done, or whatever and she's not coming. I was really missing her and she wasn't responding or when she did, it was hurtful. So i did something crazy and went to her job to get her back. That was fail. She acted like she barely knew me. it broke my heart. She never used to go out but now all i see is pics of her going out. It hurts. and then later that day, some dude called my friend like "im her new bf, leave her alone". She called later to clear her name and said she loved me. But she still hasn't came back. So she stood me up one more time and i finally was like forget it, i gotta get over her. So i stopped contacting her completely like a week and half ago. She finally wrote me back last night saying this "Just saw some photos of u in my phone. I just wanted to tell you i miss u and i think about u every day. u dont have to respond cause im not trying to get you back". help please


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  • She's seriously messing with your head. Forget about her.


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  • Sounds like she's playing games man. If you didn't lie about anything then why does she think you did? Try to get the bottom of that. Also, she obviously has a new boyfriend, and she still tells you she loves you? You need to be straight up and tell her "Look im done trying. I didn't lie, and im tired of fighting for you." Or something like that.

    She isn't worth you risking hypothermia while she's getting her nails done? Fuck that shit man..

    Look, i know how it feels. I'm going through it myself. But if she isn't willing to do anything yet, then fuck her.. I wouldn't even wait, go out with a new girl, and show her your moving on. Because she obviously is..

    • i told her i was done trying because she hurt me deeply. we was together for 3 years and then she just leaves. i think ima just continue to move on and not contact her at all. silence is the best right? she just caught me off guard with the message last night. thanks sandrino, appreciate the advice man.

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