We broke up, I broke no contact and spoke with her, she said she's not interested in a relationship right now. Will she come back?

We rushed our relationship, she decided she wanted to break up. I went No Contact for a little then broke and we talked she said that she felt like she wasn't ready go as fast as we went and felt like she said things she wasn't ready for. She really cares about me and seems to still have feelings for me. Throughout the conversation she laughed at some of the funny things we talked about and cried about the sentimental. but ultimately she said she's not interested in a relationship right now. She said we've become such close friends and she doesn't want to lose me she said that a few times. Will she ever come back?


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  • I'd say yes, but whats the point of raising your hopes. She obviously wants to explore other things. You should do the same, better yourself and explore. Keep the friend thing though, thats going to be the lifeline should things change later on. Just have it in the back of your mind that she may not come back, saves you the disappointment.
    If you were a little like me, it would have been different.

    • Yea I'm not expecting much, I figure I should keep no contact and at some point she'll wonder what happened. As soon as we spoke the last time I knew I screwed up. When we broke up I was completely calm and collected and told her I respected her decision and that I liked her but I understood why she wanted to end things and said I had to go and hung up. But I told her this last time I wanted to take space so I figure that'll help because she'll want to talk to me.

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    • I wouldn't push that. That sounds like the line that girls use when they like a guy and instead of making it known to the guy, they decide to back off in the hopes that He will come to them. That kind of stupidity still astounds me, he was oblivious to the fact that she liked him, how would that change if she decides to back away?
      Backing away won't do anything especially if you want this girl back. Thats why i said keep the "friend" thing. Leave a connection open just in case. If you don't want her back, hell, shoot for No Contact.
      The way i would do it back in the day (not now lol) if a girl fed me that line would be to go all out convincing her that things have changed, get her to come back, keep up the ruse until she's all dug into it, then when she believes it. Dump her and disappear. Technically revenge for feeding me the line in the first place. You don't date someone, dump them, claim you still have feelings but aren't ready for a relationship.

    • She should have just said the truth behind it. I want to see other people, explore. over half the time I've heard girls say that line to a guy, it turns out that they had someone else lined up and before the poor guy knew it, she was dating the new person. Its not that she is not ready for a relationship, its that she is not ready/doesnt want one with YOU. So i said, don't get your hopes up. Sometimes it is true when a girl says that, but usually, they don't date you first THEN say it.

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