Girl just broke up with me... ? Is this a good reason?

Wow me and my female best friend hooked up and we hit it off very well like it was meant to be... Then she started getting distant then 3 weeks after she got distant she broke up with me this morning she said that she is emotionally attached to me she loves our chemistry but she is not physically attracted to me. She said the emotional feelings alone can make her fall in love with me but she feels like she will be settling because I don't have the looks that she usually go for... Wtf!

She said the sex is all passionate and emotional with me and that's what she has with me...

Ok she is the type that usually go for those gym meat heads from knowing her past boyfriends and they always screwed her over and when we hooked up she told me on a Christmas card that I am the guy she never thought she meet...

I'm in love with her, I just held the back of her head and told her she is the most beautiful woman in the world in my eyes and then we touched foreheads for a few seconds and I started crying and then I said I wish you the best and walked...

I'm so sad right now :(
She dedicated the song Wonderwall to me... This is a horrible day


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  • You can't just be with someone you're not attracted to. Sure there may be chemistry and you might get along great but if she's not attracted then you can't force her to be with you.

    • We was able to cuddle all day long it was all emotional I mean she is not even the best looking when it comes to physical attraction but in my eyes she is beautiful... She pretty much wants me and a body builder body... She is 39 years old with kids and the kids love me. I hope she finds what she is looking for.

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    • We had more of a spiritual and emotional connection.

    • if it didn't matter to her, she wouldn't have ended it, but it did matter, you're better off without her

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  • Physical attraction is important as well, so it is a legitimate reason. Although it does seem like she was really fond of you. Seeing as you are both passionate and emotional together, I would back off from her. Don't contact her anymore, things could get ugly. Who knows she might come back.

    • We work together so I'll see her in the morning lol. But I'm going to act like nothing happened...

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  • I don't think it was a good reason but I admire how you handled it if you handled is as you said in your description.

    • There was no anger she actually tried to call me after I left and I called her back and she said it was an accident... I actually think she got bak with her ex before me who treated her like crap but she won't admit it because of she doesn't want to lose me as a friend... I asked her but she won't admit it. Still a sad day I really hope she finds what she is looking for...

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    • I see. Well I hope you both find happiness and I suggest you can try dating other people just so that you could find someone who likes you and accepts you despite looks. You and she can stay friends

    • Yea I guess friends but it will suck

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