What does it mean when my ex said she wants to explore and is confused?

My ex have been broken up for a month now and we were together for 3 years. She broke no contact and called me. I told her how much I missed her and she misses me too. She said she wants me but she's confused and she wants to explore cause she never had a chance to.


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  • You both were 'Together for 3 years' and were hopefully Counting on more in store, however, with her Commitment to you, maybe feeling things were starting to get into this relationship rut and she felt trapped, had no space of her own that she could Call her "own, she is Now------Confused and she wants to explore because she never had a chance to.
    All of the Above that I just mentioned, has given her reason for this season to go Out there and be this free bird to See the world, do things she couldn't do before because she was hooked at the hip with you and was not able to do experience any of this before... she got restless, bottom line.
    Keep in contact with her, if all possible. Let her go, give her room to breathe. If she contacts you back from time to time then perhaps you both can be friends here, dear. She may even Miss the Kiss so much that she will want to go back to you, who knows... however, even if she does return with open arms arms tomorrow, don't wear your heart on your sleeve because you never know if it might be a full circle pattern where she ends up wanting to fly the coup again and everything goes south.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I think its way better than her feeding you the line that "she is not ready for a relationship"... it happened to someone else. At least she was honest with you. She wants to date other people, possibly have something to compare her last relationship (you) to. It happens sometimes, its happened to me, except she didn't tell me that, she just left, and i had to figure it out lol.
    Good news, at least you are not on the hook.

    • Yeah it hurts I want her back

    • How long did it take you to get over her?

    • Im still not over her lol... she was the one relationship that i had sworn to take seriously and was all into it and committed and all that crap (i mean, she made me wait 8 months before sex, which i did, without boinking anyone else, possibly her friends), she was my turning point, wasn't even interested in anyone else even though she had some smoking hot friends who were heavy flirts (normally i'd be all over that),. Then out of the blue, its over, no explanation, no reason, no warning, just... poof. Im not sure if im not over her, or if im not over the Karma lol. Its kind of hard not to go back to old ways after that.
      I can understand when you say it hurts.. at least you got a heads up and a reason, mine burned for the better part of a year.

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  • Probably going lesbian or just looking to meet new people


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