When a girl end things with a guy and starts being cold/distant, does that mean they no longer want to be in contact or have anything to do wit guy?

Went on dates, had sex quite a few times, then all of a sudden just ended things with me.

Her reason was she didn't think it was going to work and she doesn't want to be tied down into a relationship. She said I was a great guy though, was it all bullshit? I need a girl's perspective! :)

I tried to be friends with her but she didn't seem interested in communicating with me after the breakup so I just ended our friendship.
I need more opinions on this from a girl's perspective. I really liked this girl but if she does in fact doesn't like me anymore, then I can move on.


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  • Sometimes we genuinely like a guy and want the attraction to be there, but it's just not. Or after being with them for a while we realize that we're not compatible or don't have the same goals in life. Ideally, of course, the girl would discuss it with you, but we all know that doesn't always happen.

    • There was definitely attraction between us because we were always making out/sex when we hung out. But she is just a sophomore in college and I just graduated. I guess that could be the reason. Still kinda bummed that she didn't want to be friends.

    • She might just need a little time. Or... she might be falling really hard for you, and is a little overwhelmed by her feelings.

    • Well she deleted me off social media after I ended our friendship and isn't responding to my texts anymore. She still has me on LinkedIn though. Should I just move on and let her be?

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  • I guess no contact just easier that way sometimes, out of sight out of mind. You've had your fun, nothing you can do but move on. Thats what I call a fling.


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  • She was afraid of getting attached to you. She was afraid you would end it, so she did it first. She cares about you but worried about her feelings more.

    • I always initiate to hangout lol. After I ended our friendship, she deleted me off social media. :( that kinda burned me hard.

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