Guys: What do you think I should do, what would you want your girl to do?

My X bf of a little over 2 months and I broke up last night. It was really sudden. It started like this: I saw that i was getting an unusual amount of texts and looked and it was his friends. One sent me this collage my ex made and one was a pic i had sent him a while ago, nothing bad just my lower body...(no butt or vag). And he had told me he deleted them so of course i was upset but also there was another chicks bod. Than these guys started flirting and telling me he was unfaithful but the also said "i think i know him", referring to my ex. which i know wasn't true because they added me on group chat n I saw them talking before they kicked me off. I don't know why he had them text me. But i was mad and told one of his friends to tell him that we aren't together anymore. He then texted saying are we together or not. I said no and all he said was "k". I still like him a lot though i was just P. O. and, i don't know what to do. Im at loss and I've been pacing back and forward all day. what now? Help


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  • I am not so sure if I trust Anyone here, Lostandfound... it doesn't sound right, nothing is adding up, except Pix of you that were supposed to be deleted 'But also there was another chicks bod.'
    You must have had your reason of this season or He did, for the 'Sudden' break up. And Now with this going on and everything else that is being continuously sent to you by 'Unusual amount of texts...' it would leave me wondering and being weary.
    It's a fresh break up and if he hasn't been in touch with you right now, could mean a number of things. Get to the bottom of it if you want to try and smooth things over with him, for it May or may not be 'Over.'
    If you find he puts you on his pay no mind list, then move on, stop 'Pacing back and forth' and begin your own beguine of licking your war wounds

  • Call him and say you guy's need to talk. Tell him you were really pissed last night and now you have cleared your head and want to have a sit down and talk about this situation. Don't end your relationship with a text! Be a woman and hash it out face to face.


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