How can I get my Daddy to break up with his stupid girlfriend?

I am so sick of her and her stupid son. I'm 13 almost 14 and her stupid son is 18. He's really cute. Like tumblr boy cute but he's so rude and mean to me. Me and my daddy moved in with them about 2 months ago and I switched to the same school as her stupid son. He keeps calling me ugly, weird, lame, and a sissy. I told his stupid mom but she's so stupid. She tells me to stop being a tattleteller. I hate her so much. Whenever I want to watch TV he always tries to watch some sports channel and she always tries to watch the stupid cooking channel. I asked her why she watches it and she said to learn how to cook. READ THE BACK OF THE BOX. Her stupid son always invites his stupid girlfriend and stupid friends over and they hog all of the TV. My daddy told me siblings don't always get along. He's not my siblings. I already have a momma and she's not stupid like his stupid girlfriend and son.


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  • Can you move in with your mamma for a little while? Maybe that would show your daddy how you are feeling about this arrangement.


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  • You love the word stupid, don't you?
    You shouldn't try to break them up.
    If she makes your dad happy then you should do everything you can to make sure that doesn't change.
    My parents tell me to stop being a tattletale too.
    My brothers pick on me and call me names.
    Its normal.
    You just don't like the idea of your dad being with someone else.
    Many people feel this way but if you get to know these new people then everything will be fine :)


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  • tell him how you feel. you shouldn't be treated unfairly he's old enough to be mature about things


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