My boyfriend broke up with me but won't leave me alone?

So my boyfriend broke up with me but now he keeps calling and texting my phone. He said he's gonna talk to girls, etc. and I said okay whatever. He asked me never to contact him again and I haven't but he literally won't leave me alone? What's up with that?


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  • I did that with my exs. He wants you close by but doesn't want you too close. It's a way for him to still be in your life while not being with you. Maybe he cares about you, but he needs to figure out what he wants.

    • He called me to meet up, should I go?

    • Yes, but use your logical side. there's a difference between love and neediness.

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  • He wants your attention of how great he can get over you..
    Block all of his contact and ignore him if you ever see him..
    Just live your life without 'em

    • He's legit annoying as hell. He called my job because I wouldn't talk to him!

    • >:O He sounds like a pain!
      Change your phone number!

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