How do you get over one of the best girls you've ever had?

this girl that I knew and dated for a short time is proving to be a very tough one to get over. I first meet her a couple of years ago and always really attracted to her and though she was all that , she's into country music and looks like a younger version of Shania twain , like brunette , attractive and really nice boobs. but also had a nice personality and fun to be around , somewhat of a party girl but also a good girl rest of time. I just really liked her but things were never that successful and our relationship was very troubled and ended extremely badly with accusations that I was following her around and such and that I wanted to sleep with one of her gf's. and then one night out of blue she just showed up at bar with this new guy I had never seen before and she's been dating him since

I think the fact that things ended so badly is party why I had a hard time moving on. and I realise there is a lot of other interesting young women I could meet and date I just really had a thing for this girl and wanted to date her and guess feel really bad that I actually did get to date her and meet her in real life only for things to crash and burn


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  • I married her and we stayed married.


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  • She isn't the right girl for you if she doesn't reciprocate your feelings. I think you are attatched to the idea of what you could have had with her, but the reality is, you didn't have that.

    • I think that is part of the problem I had a fantasy of what we could of been together if we were to have got more serious. and I didn't want to let go of that fantasy cause maybe it was more appealing to me than I realised cause I knew her from real life. but still having trouble letting go and can't really believe she is really with another guy

    • You acknowledge your feelings, allow yourself to feel them but also acknowledge the reality and that it wasn't the right relationship for you, so you now have the opportunity to find the right one.

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