Do you think I should text him back?

basically I've been seeing this man for 10 months

i did want him for just sex but I don't think I do anymore

we've had sex once in 10 months and that was right in the beginning

after that we never spoke for a week then he text me saying

I'm a user that I only wanted him for sex.

when I don't know what I wanted I told him I didn't want that

but he still accused me then we fell out and I told him to

f*** off and then a week later he spoke to me again saying how am I

then he started asking me for sex and I said no and he just kept

pestering so I told him I was seeing someone else then one day I texted him for sex and he said okay and the time comes and he said I though

u didn't want just that and didn't bother texting me no more then the next day he text me asking for sex

i said okay but he wanted me to stay with him all day in bed and I didn't want to so he didn't come. then a week later I told him I liked

him and then I said I want sex but I never went because I was drunk doubt he would of showed anyway.

but then the next day he to meet him but not have sex so we met up and we just started kissing and that. then he kept texting me how

i was every 2 days I never text him first I'm horrible to him I told him I have sex with other people he don't like it he ignores

me for a few days he still comes back tho. he texts me every few days just saying how are you I will text back and he will say I'm okay and that's it

he just meets me to kiss him he won't have sex with me I ask him I told him I want sex that's it but he ignores me when I say

he asked me to have a baby with him. and at the moment I'm not talking to him I called him a pedophile and told him to find someone his own age

this was a month ago I said to him I will never want him. but I think I do now I miss him so much he's text me twice since then

asking how I am but I haven't spoke back I don't no what to do. he just won't have sex with me I never text I only ever text him for sex which is never

hardly but when I text him all he says is your drunk.he won't meet me for it I asked him why before he told me because he likes me and it will be a use

do you think I should text him back I don't know what I want but I do miss him. and I'm scared in case I'm to late I remember before he gave me one more chance and I turned up with a love bite and we just stopped talking for 3 weeks then he wrote on my mail on Facebook saying he's phone ain't working and he's been trying to text me all week and he asked me to text him but he obviously deleted my number .i get so annoyed with him for no reason but I'm scared in case I'm leaving it to late and he finds someone do you think I should texted him its been a month now since I last spoke to him and he has text me twice .even know I'm wrong
Do you think I should text him back?
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