How do I dump a girl respectively and kind?

I know it has to happen. I still love my ex and this is not fair to her at all. I just don't want to hurt her anymore then it already will. She is awesome, and I hate burning bridges.


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  • You're in luck, i just got dumped yesterday by an emotionally unavailable rat like you. 😜 before i tell you what he told me, let me just lecture you a little bit. Dont lead women on just to make youself feel better, okay? That's what losers do. Either go beg your ex to take you back or just jack off everyday to meet your needs and dont bother women who are living fabulously. Hahaha okay. First he became distant and then told me he's not ready for anything serious right now. There actually no better way to say it, its gonna hurt her for sure. 😂 goodluck sir!


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  • In person if you want to keep her as a friend, phone call if you just need to end it.

    Use your best judgment on what to say: complement her, explain why it is not working for you, give her a chance to respond, decide if changes can be made, and either walk away or reunite. If you really just need to end it, say that it is not working out for you, that it is you and not her (is it, after all), and be as nice and as steadfast as you can. Only allow for 5 mins of freak out if they occur, then leave, and talk to her again later.

    I've broken it off maybe 4 times, and the phone call is much better than in person if you are sure she can't talk you down, and you want to end it quickly. It adds a level of security when either of you can simply end the interaction.

    Texting and fb are, of course, strictly out of the question.


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  • You need to tell her and just be honest...
    don't string her along. You'll hurt her even more.

  • Be completely honest with her. She will appreciate your honesty and the fact you are not stringing her along. It's the right thing to do


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  • I want to know this answer desperately


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