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Hey guys I've been having trouble in my relationship lately. So there was once a guy A that liked me and i liked him back, we are so similar and I could talk to him about anything. However, this other guy B started liking me and he (unlike guy A) would make bold moves to show me he liked me. Where as guy A, that I shared similarities with liked me (his friends told me) but he wouldn't take the step further. Evidently guy B asked me out and i said yes because by then I caught on that he liked me and I developed feeling for him too and we've been together for almost a year and I love (d) him, our relaitonship has been great and fun, but it's had its down sides. He's extrememly outgoing and happy and energetic (not that these qualities are bad), but i feel like i'm unable to keep up with him. He is also slightly odd socially, and he does things sometimes which simply make me feel uncomfortable, despite his overall attitude towards me being great. Recently, I've started having feelings for guy A and I remembered all the things we share in common, and how humble he was and how easy it was to be with him. I don't know if it's real feelings i have for him, but sometimes i question why I didn't stay with guy A. Eventhough now I know he probably wouldn't like me, guy A and Guy B were friends, not too close but friends nonetheless, so I can just imagine how terribly guy A would think of me now and I feel terrible. I want him to talk to me, for us to talk like we used to. I would just love for someone to tell me bluntly; Do i break up with my current boyfriend? I feel like it's unfair of me to stay with him when guy A keeps running through my mind.
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  • If guy A has feelings for you he will be happy you return them, as long as guys aren't really close friends, they wouldn't sacrifice a chance with a girl they are really into. He most likely isn't talking to you because he has not idea that you like him and you only like guy B. Also, if you seriously don't see yourself being with him (and seriously see yourself being with another guy), you should break it off now, before things get any more serious.


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  • Why think about him now when you could had him last year?

    • I don't know, it wasn't a willing choice, but if i'm being honest throughout my relationship i've always questioned the big 'what if'... i just stumbled across our old conversations and everything came rushing back. Thank you for your opinion, you have no idea how much this means to me :)

    • No problem just be happy with your current relationship. ;) and don't think about the what ifs. That's up to the other guy...

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