Why do people have sex with an Ex if the reason they broke up hadn't changed?

If an Ex has been keeping regular with you of at least once or twice a week since they broke it off and then they suddenly want to see you after not seeing you for approx a month. If you agreed to see them and they greeted you with a hug etc and they talked to you like old times and they hint they want to have sex.
Why do they do it and do they feel guility afterwards?
Do the couple end out usually getting back together, or do they have one last time for old time sake?


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  • Not that I ever had exes... but I would safely assume it's a comfort zone. Humans usually go to comfort zones and what better comfort zone than an ex who knows you well and are comfortable with.


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  • They just want sex but not from someone else only with someone they already did nd sex is good nd if you let it happn is yhur choice nd maybe feel bad but at time of having sex they dnt care... Nd depends if both wanna b together then they will make it happn..


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  • They're mentally weak people that cannot let go of the past.


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