Guys, why do you give mixed signals to your ex girlfriends?

my boyfriend of two years broke up with me after a fight a month and a half ago. We still live together as I am currently looking for a job. Few times I tried to leave but he told me to stay until I get back on my feet. In this period he started initiating contact - kissing the forehead, kiss on the lips after we exchanged presents for the holidays. We even had sex three times - every time it was after I said i am moving. The last time was when I told him that by the end of the month I am out and before that was after a party. After the second time and the kisses I asked what is going on and he said - I will think after you leave and see if I miss you. I made a decision and I have to stick to it. Two days ago, he came back from his parents, I was sleeping and he patted my back to tell me it is him and then gently touched my face for good night. Every time he sees me he lights up. And yesterday he stayed with me in the room working. He usually does that in the living room. He asks about my weekend plans but replies to my questions about his very shortly with no details. I really don't understand. Any ideas?


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  • We don't. But girls love to over think things and assign meaning to stuff which has no meaning.


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