How to break off engagement after he said he will give us a month if he feels no better he breakin it off?

Hi he told me he doesn't feel right anymore and has said if he still feels like this in a month he calling it a day and breaking off our engagement.
He stopped sleeping with me in November after a holiday with his uni mates.
Should i just pack my bags and go to my mum and dads now?
We live in a house his parents bought him.
I spoke to my sister and best friend they have said it doesn't come as a surprise as he stopped goin out with me and stopped coming to my family events. They both said they had been worried about me for some time after they saw his attitude towards me in the past few months.
Any advice?
Im falling into a pit of despair with no way out need help fast.


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  • I think it is best to create some distance and space between you and him for now. I find it a little odd that he wants to wait for a month and then break things off if his feelings haven't changed. Does he actively do anything to work on the issue, or is he basically just passively waiting for four weeks to see what (if anything) happens? It just seems pretty unfair and cruel to me to put this sword of Damocles over your head and say that in a month maybe the sword will drop. This is the main reason why I think you should be with people who care about you. It's mainly for you and your own good, but also so that he gets a chance to think about things. I don't think he'll be able to think about it if you're there. Maybe he needs to miss you to realise what he wants. Although I'd personally be scared and lose a lot if not all of my trust if someone put me through this.

    • He said he is going to try and spend more time with me but put all the blame on me. When i said at weekends im not gunna sit in the house while you sleep until 1 in the afternoon he still did it the weekend just gone as he doesn't think he is to blame i am.
      He just expects me to wait for the 4 weeks to be up to see how he feels and has said well we will jst call it a day if he doesn't feel its any better.

    • If he's not making an effort and even blames you, you should definitely start to distance yourself from him. What he does is, like I said, pretty cruel and unfair. I know it's hard when a relationship is ending (or at least there's a threat of it ending), but I feel like you deserve better than a guy who wants you to stick around and expects you to just wait for him to tell you if he sees a future with you or not. Go to your parents. If he wants you, he knows where to find you.

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  • Yes, I think it's best for you to move out at this point.


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