My boyfriend broke up with me because he's stressed/ thought we got sieriouse to soon. Will he want me back when he feels better?

So he broke up with me the other day because he said he was really stressed and he didn't want to put me through that. When I asked if he though we would get back together after he said he didn't know... We're I get confused is he was so intense and loving asking some pretty huge questions calling it forever and now this happens I understand if he wants time i just really hope he remembers me when he feels better and wants to try again how will I know when he's feeling better or if he still wants this?


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  • Let's say that he's being honest about why he broke up with you... How long before he pulls this stunt again? How many times do you want to go through this immature posturing before you have had enough, and break it off yourself?
    Realistically, your bf is immature and dishonest. Maybe he has the "hots" for some other girl, maybe it's just being in a relationship can seem like such a drag. Whatever is actually going on, he'll want to come back when he's tired of masturbating, or has been shot down by some girl he wanted to get with and is butthurt.
    You shouldn't be asking yourself if he'll want you back; the question should be why you would want him back...

  • You can always try but I think this ones over

    • Why do you say that?

    • Because it was a breakup and not just needing space or time alone. He also said he didn't know if you'd get back together. That's enough evidence for me to say its over

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