Need help! I asked my ex if she was willing to give us another chance what am I best to do while I wait for her decision?

So yesterday I spoke to my ex whom I broke up with last week. She initiated the break up. The break up was through faults of my own as I had been dealing with anxiety and depression nearing our breakup. I done something I've never done before I swallowed my pride and decided I needed to ask this girl if she thinks I was worthy another chance. This was extremely hard for me and put me at a great state of complete vulnerability. I confessed my true feelings to her and how much I loved and cared about her. I never realised until yesterday how much I kept my feelings from her. So I'm glad and she is too that I've done this. Even though I agreed to being friends and she said that if we worked things out between us in the future she would like that I still think I needed to tell her now because I may never if had the chance in the future. While we spoke she gave me mixed emotions most were negative to the idea of getting back together but she listened to what I had to say. Saying she isn't just going to get back with me and take my word, which is fair enough. And how she wish I had said all this earlier while still together and not while it's too late. She didn't really elaborate on what she thought would be a good decision so I didn't want to pressure her and said to have a think about it. She wasn't expecting this from me to say the least. She seems fairly happy now since we haven't been together but I'm not completely convinced, so she might not want us to try again. I want her happy that's the main thing. She had said she still has feelings for me but just isn't sure what to do or say. So in this time of letting her think things over what do I do? I don't want to pressure an answer from her but I don't want to be too distant that she thinks everything I said yesterday was I a lie. Do I leave it be till she decides to contact me or give it a few days and just make friendly conversation not bringing up yesterday talk? Of course unless she decides to. Thanks in advance!
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  • She's not going to say yes. Prepare yourself for rejection

    • This is my thought too. But should I speak to her before she contacts me or leave it till she decides to contact me?

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  • Do NOT contact her. She could think you're too needy.

    I feel you will not get back together. It's time to move on.

    • I feel this too. I will respect her decision either way

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  • She will say no


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