Is it over with me and my ex?

Got into an argument which escalated to a big argument and lasted a week. We were working things out until the argument happened.

I asked her if we can work it out but she wants time away from me for now so she can miss me. She said she still loves me but wants us to focus on ourselves for now. She also mentioned she's so confused and doesn't know what she wants. I asked if she just wanted to go separate ways and she asked why I'm giving up.

We haven't texted or called each other for a week and it's been the longest. I ended up drunk calling her 2 days ago asking if I can come over and she said no cause she felt like I was using her for a bootycall.

I then told her don't have sex with me, I just want to lay with you cause I miss you and she was still hesitant to let me come over. I asked when can I see her and she said we can see each other next week but she mentioned how she's always late off of work now. She was never like this and always squeezed me into her schedule.

She drunk called me the last night and I missed it. She followed up with a text sorry for calling me. I called back in the morning and she didn't reply and I said don't be sorry, Im happy to hear from you. She didn't reply back. What could be on her mind?


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  • Yes It's over. Too many games and too much drunk calling. If people really want to work it out they talk, they listen, they try.

    You guys aren't even talking unless you're drunk and she keeps saying no to seeing you. Nothing gets worked on when you're being ignored.

    I think it's time for you to move on.


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