I think something bad happened in my relationship with this girl , either found something out or someone said it to her ?

I haven't heard anything from her since this wild Friday night almost 3 weeks ago , we were never like formally dating but I had hung out and talked to her a bunch of times and we were getting closer to each other. however the last time I saw her she was dressed up all sexy and we were talking in public at this pub we go to and some other girls I knew also showed up and saw us and got jealous. but it was a really weird night .

I don't see her all the time so don't talk to her that often but tried to reach her on Twitter and no reply and no reply to a text I sent her either. but last time I saw her in person she seemed happy to see me so thinking something bad happened , either someone said something to her. I know one of the jealous girls is friends with her on Facebook and is a couple other girls who might also of had an issue of idea of us dating. she also might of saw some tweets I sent out to other girls I knew and maybe got jealous. I'm not sure what has happened exactly but feel it might not be good for us.

anyways should I try and contact her again? or just accept fact she isn't talking for some reason and just move on but frustrated cause it seemed like she was ready to date me last time I saw her


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  • You were not in a real relationship
    maybe this is her way of not wanting to move forward

    • I think she did want to move forward but was frustrated I didn't make more of a move during holidays , I had seen her twice rate before Christmas and she seemed interested , I wonder if maybe she just like gave up on me and though I didn't really want to be with her and that I liked someone else

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  • It's been 3 weeks she is done I'm sorry to say.

    • however its normal for us not to see each other for periods of time , she is taking a dental hygienist program at college in city an hour away and was shorts periods before this when I wouldn't see her at pub and such for a few weeks. so its not unheard of for her to be off and not around here , however it feels different this time and maybe is reason for me to be worried about why she has gone silent , she didn't even reply to my text nothing , she also hasn't posted anything to Twitter since I tweeted her a week or so ago , only new thing I saw was some picture of her drunk at a tie dye or body paint party at some bar in mid January

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