Worst mistake of my life?

He said he liked me and had a place in his heart but he'd flirt with others. We were never together. We would talk everyday but I was getting tired of going back and forth. So i decided to cut it today. I told him it wouldn't work out. I said goodbye and unfriended him. Is this our final goodbye?


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  • If he seriously wants you as much as you want him then he'll come back, and if not then its a good thing that it did end, because imagine the troubles it would cause if you're in a relationship and he's not commited


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  • Hopefully. And realistically speaking, i highly doubt its the worst mistake of your life :) guys come and go.
    Im glad you had the moxy to cut him off rather than let him drag you along on his hook.

    • I really liked him though. :/

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    • yeah i guess you are right. thanks.

    • No problem, keep up that moxy tho, thats a good quality to have.

  • Ouch. A girl did that to me. But I guess if you did that, you can't undo it. Just accept your choice, and maybe one day you guys will make up with each other.

    • If you don't mind by me asking... What was your reaction when she did that? The reason why i'm asking is because I really tried to be nice and said "I just don't want to get too attached. So i rather walk away"

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    • but who knows? maybe he will. im just saying this from my experience

    • Thank you :)

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  • I don't think it was a mistake at all. You say he was flirting and you weren't going anywhere. The way it was, it was just causing pain and frustration for you. There is a chance that if you allow him to miss you (i. e. cut all contact) he will realise that he wants to be with you. That won't necessarily be the case though, so don't hope or wait. If it happens, it happens – if not, then you're better off without him since the situation obviously caused you pain.


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