My girlfriend broke up with for someone else; would like to know how likely she would comeback?

My ex broke up with sometime at mid October because she got crush on another guy at her graduate University which she started at the beginning of October. She has been casually seeing this guy until mid-December from when they started officially dating. Well they didn’t see each other during the Christmas holidays but after they returned from the break they have been together since.

Timeline of my relationship with her:
We met 2010 September

Started dating 2011 February

First Break up 2011 September

Got back together 2011 January

Broke up 2014 January because I pissed her off when I got a bit unstable with other issues.

2014 February – Got back together after I sorted everything and took her on an epic Valentine's date.

August 2014 – She said she was going a bit off me because of what happened in January (we had a bit of long distance since July 1st); I saw her at the end of the month and somewhat rekindled everything.)

September 2014 – She returned to the same city I am in. We then decide to move cities and start her graduate school.

October 2014 (week1) – She moves to the new city.

October 2014 (week 2) – She tells me she has a crush on someone else.

October 2014 (week 3) – She breaks up with me

November 2014 (week 1) – I move to the new city to start my new job. (Moved a month later than her because I had to tie up loose ends where I was).

November 2014 (week 2) – Visits her uninvited…things don’t go so well.

November 2014 (week 4) – Bumps into her and the guy she has a crush on. Things don’t go so well. I hung out with her a bit the next day after begging to…it was okish, she was unpleased about it. I start No Contact immediately after.

December 2014 (week 3) - Breaks No contact after approximately 18 days. She hooks up with her crush. Christmas holidays starts 2 days later so they went on 2 dates before the break. They kept in touch throughout the holidays.
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January 2014 (week 1) – Broke NC and spoke to her twice; because when I wished her a happy new year…she emailed me back saying she feels bad about having treated me badly and etc. At the end she wished me all the best for my future relationships. 1st time for 10mins and 2nd time for 20mins. She was really happy to have spoken to me.

Jan 2014 (week 2) – Her exams started. Ended mid-week and they have been dating almost every day since.
We were everything to each other before we broke up but now we are nothing.
We used to be in the same course and lived in the same halls until summer 2013.
Her new bf is in the same course as her now.

I tried to include as much as details as possible.

Thank you for taking your time to read through it :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • It doesn't sound like she'll be back, but even if she does this does not sound like a stable relationship and the two of you don't seem compatible. An on and off relationship is a bad sign, especially since your first break up was before the two of you had even been together a year. You should see this as a way out to meet someone that you fit better together with

    • The first time we broke up was because she was scared of commitment as she had never dated anyone else before; she was fond of me a lot so eventually she came back.

      The second time was because I snapped a bit from the stress I was in. I was having some legal issues during that time. I should have stayed under control hence I regret that incident ever happening.

      Though we broke up previously before we never stopped seeing each other during the breaks hence I would not really call it an on and off relationship. We were practically together during the whole relationship... it was just that we started off at an immature age. Each time we got back it was better than before.

Most Helpful Guy

  • You shouldn't want her to come back :/

    • I know I shouldn't but I still feel strongly towards her. I am trying to move on but I would like her to comeback.

    • Of course, I would too after so many years, but it's been unstable and she clearly isn't making an effort in fixing it.

    • True. She has a indecisive and stubborn nature. My opinion is that she wondered what else is out there and she got the chance she took it. I would never hold this as a grudge against her if she ever wants to comeback. Me and her are both 22 years old.

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  • You sure had remembered the dates, even girls can't keep them in mind.

  • You guys have been through a lot, and a lot of the time, people do come back to their exes when they have a lot of history. However, while saying that, she could easily have had enough and moved on.

    • True, I don't think I was a bad boyfriend to her. I do occasionally make mistakes out of stupidity but I gave her as much as I could and treated her really well. I was her first boyfriend and first intimate partner if that means anything anymore.

    • You remembered all the dates and that sweet enough as it easy. You seem like a good boyfriend, I don't see why she wouldn't come back. :)

    • I am just generally good with dates :P I am sure she knows that.

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