How to move on from the girl you love so you can develop a good friendship?

My recent breakup with my ex has been tough. She still means the world to me and I still do love her. She wants us to be friends but I've said it may be hard considering I still love her. I'll still keep in contact with her now and again but I just want to move on with my life without worrying about what she is up to and who she may be seeing. I want us both to be happy and I love to eventually form a good friendship with her but how should I go about moving on from her with out the heartbreak?


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  • No contact for a while, that usually helps. then you can resume in a few months. The feelings may still be there because of the memories, but they won't have that much of an impact.

    • Yeah that was my thought too. I think once it's been a few months we'll be able to make a friendship with no feelings

    • I don't know about no feelings, but you will have more restraint/control. especially if one of you is actually working on or with someone else.

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