Is it really all my fault we aren't together anymore?

Me and m boyfriend broke it off a few days ago. We've been together for three months and are each other's first. We broke up because he had sent me a picture of his boxers n legs and I just replied with a picture of my legs. A few weeks later (few days ago) he sent it to all his friends. His friend then sent it to me and told me about it. I was really hurt because I trusted him. And he told me he deleted that. And I ended us. We apologized to each other. And i still really like him, and have strong feelings so I asked if we could let bygones be bygones and he asked why i ended us. What? Why else? I didn't say that but... And he said he couldn't right now because he would never want to feel that again or put someone through it, he's really sweet and thoughtful. but If he hadn't... i don't know. Is it really all my fault? I act off of instant emotion and i broke it and now i feel like such a dumbass. Is it really my fault?


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  • Not Your fault at all. What You did was right. Don't Give that guy a second chance. May be it's the God telling You that You deserve someone better who would respect You.
    this is what I think.


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  • I don't think you overreacted. What he did was unacceptable. He put you on display like you were some piece of meat.
    Right now, he is reversing the role and making it seem as if you were at fault.
    If you ask me, he doesn't seem so "sweet and thoughtful".
    I definitely think you should stop contacting and reaching out to him.
    You will come across as desperate and needy.
    Let him feel bad for what he did.
    If he really cared about you he would be more apologetic, and would want you back.

    • He was apologetic and he said he knew he fucked up... he really is nice though just an ass sometimes. But i understand... so he's just guilt tripping me? I mean he still insist on being friends and all that but still hella lost.

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  • No it's not your fault. It's his fault, he sent a private pic you sent him, to all his friends and who knows who has seen it now. You can do better than him.


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