She broke up with me because she "doesn't want to be in a relationship anymore"?

I've known this girl for a year and a half, she has a boy whos about to turn 4, i was there for her when she had no friends, i was there for her when her mom passed away. I love her and a month ago she started getting distant i figured it was because she had exams and it was Christmas and she was trying to spend time with her family. But then she broke up with me out of the blue. She said she still loved me and cares about me and wants me as a friend but it hurts. I miss her, i miss her kid. I haven't seen them both in a while and we haven't been talking, she's talking to me less and less. She said she didn't want to be in a relationship she didn't want to be caged or owned. She recently got new friends and she wanted to hang out with them and whenever she tried to talk to me i'd get angry. but what would she have lost if i had gotten angry if she has talked to me about this? Instead she just broke up with me and has been cold to me. What do i do. I was planning to marry her and i wanted to be the father of her kid. Did she just want to go have sex with other people party and drink? Im at a complete loss how do i get her back?
I mean i did everything i could to be the best boyfriend ever, Her friend said that i was the best guy she's dated. She herself said that to me during the breakup. Her friend said she's being immature and she never got to be 19(shes 22 now) and have a college life because she has a kid at that age and had to be responsible and she wants to go party and be crazy. But honestly she could have talked it out and she could have done that without the breakup. If she felt caged or owned she could have
talked to me about it and we could have worked it out. Like oh yes go hang out with your friend i'll play my videogames. And then during the week i'd still hang out with her and her kid or something but that didn't even happen. We're not talking for a month but she's still being cold and she's been really uncomfortable whenever i asked her about meeting up after the 1 month was over to talk about it or just hangout as friends.


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  • she's partying and sleep with other people what more u want to forget her and move on?

    • I mean she's partying and probably going to sleep with other people just for sex, I want to know what i should do to get her back, she's super unconformable with me for some reason, i can't even see her kid.

  • "She said she didn't want to be in a relationship she didn't want to be caged or owned."

    Sounds like you were smothering her. Possibly by being way too clingy and over-possessive.

    "whenever she tried to talk to me i'd get angry."

    What about? That she had a life outside of you?

    "Did she just want to go have sex with other people party and drink?"
    In other words, are you asking if you were right to try and control everything she said and did?

    • I mean i got upset at her because she didn't want to hang out with me but it became that way only because she made it that way, I originally had my shit to do, but when i'd have stuff to do like karate or my friends she'd be sad and get upset so i gave it all up for her. I mean i was reasonable. If she had talked to me i woulda been like yeah i understand thats fine but she didn't.

      I had a hard time communicating with her. My English is bad so showing my feelings in words was hard and i'd get upset and then not want to talk about it. i told her to be more patient with me and she was trying.

    • No i mean i need advice. thats how she is now she's just parting and drinking and probably gonna go sleep with people just for sex.

      I never controlled her she did what she wanted , given obviously not sleep with other people. she could do whatever else.

      She gave me all her time aka the weekends where she had her kid and the weekends she didn't and even during the week now she has no time for me

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