Break up advise please?

Me and a co worker ended up dated and it got serious and then she broke it off with me for good reason I understand. But now that we are broken up I took some time off work to clear my head and text me today sayings it's boring with out you here...

I took time off to clear my head of her and she knows it why is she texting me? Were suppose to be no contact I thought when you break up...
I'm not sure what to say. So far I'm ignoring the text... She dumped me pretty hard she was being cold about it...


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  • Just because two people Break Up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it is Goodbye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks her Own X in your Own softie spot here, dear, there is Motive in her mind that you are on her Mind and a Helpful Hint That----Its boring with out you here...
    With you taking your space to 'Clear my head,' she has had plenty Time and 'Space' of her own to do some Over time soul searching while you have been gone. She most likely is Missing the Kissing and the history you both shared and don't be too Surprised , for you both were 'Serious,' if she tries to flirt a little around the water cooler when you come back.
    It's your choice, your call how you want to handle your 'Co worker EX.' But you both Do work together and it may be difficult to avoid certain times and situations so either set the record straight in her own head what you want now as far as this 'I thought when you break up' Or----Take her out for drinks and catch up on old times after the door closes after five.
    Good luck. xx

    • She broke up with me this past Monday I tried to fight and beg because I love her but she made up her mind so I kissed her forehead and cried and said ok I wish you the best and walked away... Later that same day she text asking if I'm ok I replied just chilling. Then yesterday she text again asking if I'm ok I replied I'm great. Then today she text saying it's boring without me. I'm assuming at work. But my stomach turns every time she text me... And I know she left me for another man she won't admit it... I ignored this last text

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    • I love your advise! I'm bracing myself. She said she wants us to dating kinda like starting over. She also suggested one of us get another job to give us that space that caused suffocating. She said she realized me being gone all week made her miss me and we have never spent time apart bc of our job... I made that suggestion before the first break up... What do you think?

    • lol... Oh, thank you, glad to oblige... hmmmm... yes, absence can make the heart grow fonder, but be careful to jump into just Quitting your job because of the suffocation and space. If She wants to do it, let her, you are not so sporadic nor unpredictable... don't make haste your waste by Doing anything too Hasty right now... tell her she first has to prove herself here... I think with 'starting over,' which maybe the absence Did make her miss you, it could this Time get old and so forth so go slow with the flow... space yourselves at work and might I suggest After work as well.. maybe a day or so during the week to see one another and every other weekend so you can have some time doing other things and doing things apart you normally do not get to do.. Too much of a good thing can go bad, as they say. xxoo

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  • Ok, listen up. DO NOT REPLY! You should have dumped her. First mistake, you had a relationship at your job. Move on. She is wasting your time. Trust me on this one. Find someone else to be with. I bet she will be jealous too hahah. Block her number, do whatever you have to do to ignore her. If she contacts you at work, just ignore her unless your forced to communicate as it's part of your job.

    • Lol thanks yea we are forced to communicate at work...

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    • I'll bang that's it no more romance bs

    • There you go lol. You should google a guy named Tom Leykis. I also learned from him. He has videos on YouTube and they are funny typically as well. He also has a current radio show at blowmeuptom. com but I haven't listened to those yet

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  • You state the relationship was ended for a good reason. Then she shouldn't be messing with your head and texting you.

    • Her reason is she just got out of a marraige a year ago and isn't ready for commitment. My reason is she left me for another guy due to some drama that happened and she almost got caught so she had to end it with me since I work with her... But she broke up with me and left me feeling like crap and now she texting me from work it's boring without you... I didn't reply I don't know what to say. Ignore her to make her regret what she did is what I'm thinking

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    • Yes, ignore. . . unless you want to be back with a cheating woman who is not ready to commit to a relationship. Myself, I ain't got time fo' dat.

    • I thought ignore makes them want you more. Women want what they can't have

  • U know she lift u for another man ! Wondering did u told her kiss my ass and goodbye? Or not yet?

    Move on u wasting ur time only month or 5 month she will not back its over

    • She won't admit but that's what I think. I think she went back to her ex. I told her we work together she needs to tell me know or I'll find out later

    • It look like she fired u from her personal life

      Even if u back togther what will hold her to not play with u again or dump u or cheat u?

      Move on some women's r just like that u can't change them

      if u already know she broke up bcoz she want her ex y u want her to admit? I doubt if she will not play at this also
      dont be too needy to her let her go ignore her its better for u

      Find new girl it will be easier to move on


    • I never replied to her text then she sent me another about and update at work I never replied... I wanted her to admit bc we were best friends before so I knew about the ex I told her I would understand but I guess this situation is going to ruin the friendship also...

  • This one's for you!

    • Lmao!! More like on to the next one

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