What is the real meaning of this?

If you love someone set them free, if it they come back, it was meant to be. I mean like, it can go either way.

if you are the dumpee and you read this , it is confusing it makes you think that you should try to go back to her, but if she dumped you... then what? it's a test?

Whereas if you dump her and she comes back, is it you that is testing now.
This statement is a kunundrum
I was recently dumped and left wondering should I try and go back so she knows, but then I would look weak and probably annoy her and push her further away. OR is the statement saying that because I love her I should let her go from my heart even though she was the dumper? and if she tries to get me back then it's love?


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  • Exactly. If you love her, but she feels like she needs to leave you, let her go. If she comes back, then it was meant to be.


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  • It means if you love someone and they do not love you then set them free. If it was meant they'll return to you but this time will love you in return.

    • that's what I am saying, I loved her but SHE SET ME free, are you saying that to set them free I need to let go? I am not sure if it works if they are the ones letting us go

    • Yeah, I am not sure if it applies to your situation.

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