How to emotionally reconnect with your ex gf, No contact rule essential?

I want to reconnect emotionally with my ex gf, i dont want to write her letters, just a small gift, she knows she got from me. a book she can read in the evenings, or a personal item, a t shirt of mine, which she really liked, she was always playing with the ropes on it. what sounds better. i want to be in the back of her mind, she is now seeing a guy, 3 years younger, i think its a rebound because she jumped straight into it. i think she still has feelings for me , she added me on all social media, looked uncomfortable when she saw me with another girl ( not romantically interested ) , made a vague comment about trying again.

should i give her a personal item that belongs to me, or get her a book, and her favorite sweets, drop a little note saying. you know who its from, just something to spend the evenings with. leaving it at her door
need help


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  • Are you the guy who's girlfriend had a daughter?

  • I'll give u and idea that worked for me and my bf since we borked up fir 4 months and never contacted until one day he send me 1 rose with a little note saying... I still think about us... And I found that really romantic it wasn't anything expensive but it was a great detail letting me know that he still cares that made me feel loved

    • you broke up? was it a nasty break up, have there been said some bad and mean things, and were you seeing someone else straight away? sounds like a great idea, but i dont know if i can hold on at 4 months. i know if i contact her now, she probably gets annoyed and angry with me. i just want to be in the back of mind, by subtle ways, without writing her or directly contacting her. tomorrow we haven't spoken for a week, it hurts to know that she keeps me out of her life, all day im wondering what she could be doing. i doubt if she ever will contact me. im working on myself right now, to look more attractive to her, working out, getting a nice tan, i want to give her a book next week, around 10 days in Not contacting her, and some of her sweets, and drop a small cute note along with it. should i do that, or remain silent a bit longer, the book also probably wouldn't fit in her post box, which would be ideal actually. tell me about you, im reading and trying to learn a lot form others

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    • i dont want to give it to her personally. below her appartment there is a libary, the front door is normally opened when they are there, so i want to wiat for that, and drop it of at her door, in a plastic bag. maybe i should get flowers, i know she doesn't like flowers but it does get a point across. or skip the flowers and just that book and a box of her favorite sweets and write something like, because i know what you like. bit flirty. so i think ill do it next Thursday first have to wait for the book, and by the way i dont care if this 21 yo losers finds out, im 27 and he is a kid, he needs to get out of my way and she needs to stop playing games, she is a 24 yo single mom. yhx for your help you give me good spirits, but you agree, i should make a move now, after 10 days no contact, not asking her to meet, just something sweet or should i wait a bit longer regardless of the fact with her seeing this 21 yo

    • I just messaged you

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