How does the girl act after breakup and how should I also act?

i just broke up with her in a while ago and we are @ the same class in the same project group soo how should i act if she acts like she's hating me?
i think That when she's with her friends she dont talk 2 me and when she's alone she tries to text me via line so i dont know what's happening.


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  • Talk to her in a private setting and explain you want to get along for the project. If she doesn't agree than:
    a. Talk to her about your unrelsoved issue
    b. Try to be nice and ignore her hatred because at this point she is being unresonable. (especially if you did option A too)


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  • everyone handles it differently. the way you should handle it though, don't be bitter about the breakup, just take it for what it is and move on, improve yourself. be the better person.


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  • just keep being yourself, treat her as a friend, if she disrespects that, treat her as somebody that used to be a friend.

  • If acts hating u then Ignore her

    • what for man? i've been so kind with her. should i ignore her?

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    • In the end its up to u what u should do u can even offer her chocolate :) but thats my opinion ignore her

    • ok thanks dude much appreciated :)

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