Teen love advice? Why the sudden breakup?

1) We dated for 4 months, got to know each other over the course of a year
2) We're teens (under 18)
3) His reason for dumping me was that he just wasn't ready for a relationship, but he said that we could still be friends
4) He seemed VERY INTO ME until one week prior to the break up, when he was a little less physically affectionate and didn't see me quite as often (but that could be because of parental intervention--see 9).
5) Up until MINUTES before the break up he texted me ALL throughout the day (as he always did after we started dating) asking about my opinions, interests, what I was up to, giving me updates about his life, saying good night, etc.
6) I was recovering from surgery... so maybe he just texted all the time because he felt bad for me? We discussed many other things beyond how I was recovering though
7) He bought me flowers about a week before the break up due to my injury
8) He always kept up with doing me little favors/being a gentleman
9) One of his parents (who he is VERY close to/who he allows to control nearly his ENTIRE life) made it clear they did not like him dating. They wouldn't allow us to be completely alone together.
10) He is very passive (conflict avoider) and aims to please his parents first and foremost
11) I was his first gf. As far as I know he hasn't dated in the months since.
12) I said I couldn't be friends for a while because I didn't trust him. He sent the last text saying he was sorry, and neither one of us has initiated contact since.
13) After, he didn't help me with my injury, but acted like a polite stranger up until last month. Now, he acts like I don't exist.
14) I've actively avoided him, making sure he was uninvited from a gathering of mutual friends.
15) When people ask his best friend what happened, he says it just "kind of faded"/"ran its course"

Why do you think he broke up with me? Did he lose attraction? Did his parent make him (is he embarrassed to say so)? Was he just not ready?
  • Lost feelings/got bored
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  • Not ready
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  • Parent made him end it
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Can someone please vote? Thank you!
Anyone out there?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I know I answered this earlier!! He told you why... move on.


Most Helpful Girl

  • From where I am sitting, without it being etched in stone here, dear, He was every bit Into you, being attentive, a Gentleman, sharing things with you, even buying flowers to boot for you. However, something went South and when I read One of his parents... and aims to please his parents first and foremost, I knew it was This writing on the wall that tells me All------Parental intervention.
    I believe he was raring and ready and wanted this Real Relationship, but there were too many hands inside the cookie jar that leaves this sour ball in my mouth. And with him wanting you both to be friends and you not wanting to be because of trust issues, this is the straw that may have broke the camel's back once in for all... not even 'Didn't help with my injury...'He had too much on his plate with all of this and his excuse for "Kind of faded" was all he could cough up.
    His parents interfering and along with religious beliefs, I also Contribute this to you both not having a shot for a chance for a real romance... I am wondering as he gets older, just how much he will put up with his family affair and if anyone has a Shot with him in his life one day or if it will end up a Shot in the dark with no place to go.
    Move on, Marina5... you deserve better than to have all birds of a feather who could never flock together.
    Good luck. xx


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What Guys Said 2

  • I voted C but understand we can't know, it's only a feeling and things like this happen often

    • Also you say that he ignored you but you say yourself that you make sure you don't see him with a group of friends isn't that the same? (just want to say he may be happy to talk again with you)

  • Guys have a number of reasons for dumping a girl... we'll never know what it was, since, we're not him, and or don't know him. We don't talk to him

    • Keep in mind though, girls can change their minds, pretty quickly, and quite often do, so, it's not like it's a gender thing... something must have set him off, just like it would a woman

What Girls Said 4

  • Family can really influence the way you feel about someone if they are a big part of your life, if my sisters didn't like the person I was dating I would seriously reconsider dating them as they only want the best for me... maybe thats what your boyfriend felt?

  • Obviously it was probably because you didn't give him sex who knows. there's a saying that talks about how to tell of a guy really likes you depending on how long you guys last without having sex

  • Parents tend to have a big influence on their childrens relationships

  • Probably just curious to see what's out there.

    • So he was bored with me?

    • Not really it's more of a wanting to see what else is out there doesn't really have a lot to do with you

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