First break-up, older guy, dependent and clingy, boyfriend has had history with bad break-ups and talked excessively about his ex?

I want to break up with my boyfriend. He thinks I love him and he already talks about our future, and he did this very early on in the relationship. He talks excessively about his ex and hates her for breaking up with him (it was a clean-break, she wanted nothing to do with him). I would like also to have a clean-break, but I don't think he'll understand why. I realise now I made a mistake so I'd rather not talk about how stupid the decision I made was, rather how to finish the relationship as effectively as possible. I don't want him to contact me afterwards even though he knows where I live and my phone number. He's going to ask why I want to break up and I don't know how to tell him. I also don't know where to break up with him (?). I'm really nervous and slightly afraid and would like someway of knowing that this will turn out ok. He has a history of mental illness and suicide attempts, and I'm very worried about how he will respond. I still care for his feelings and even though him being hurt is inevitable, there has to be some way to cushion the blow, even a little.


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  • Just break up with him, and if he asks, be honest about the reason. If he tries to 'intimidate' you, obtain a restraining order against him.


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