How Long Does It Really Takes A Guy To Move On After A Nasty Breakup?

My boyfriend of 1.5 year old relationship broke up with me in December. For 5 months we have been in long distance. He broke up with me because of the distance and the concern related to our relationship future. When I contacted him after 15 days of no contact. He said he is sorry and wants to undo the things. But at that time I wanted sometime to think. And after that we kept minimum contact. On one fine day he told that he has moved on within weeks as he likes his co worker. I said that I am happy about that fact and he should persue her if he genuinely finds her interesting. On, the next day he says he has picked up an addiction of masturabtion. I helped him out in resolving that issue and that time he told me, he is sorry for spoiling the things between us. He also called me with the name he used to call me while we were in relationship. But after that he totally zoned out and said its my fault for the breakup and he is in a casual physical relationship with many girls now. After hearing this I lost my temper and said some mean things to him and in return he did the same. He even called me ugly and said that he never loved me from the very start of this relationship. I have stopped talking to him from that day onwards. I miss him as a lover and a good friend. Can you guys please tell me... should I move on or should I wait for him to come back in my lfe? Has has he really moved on? And why does he acts so hot and cold towards me?


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  • After a breakup, people go through a range of emotions. It's a fine line between love and hate after a breakup... as all that passion and feeling you have for the person goes from positive to negative as you feel like they did you wrong, it's natural to get upset about it.

    I think he's hot and cold because he still has a thing for you, but after a breakup things can get messy in terms of emotions. I'm kind of going through that with a girl who broke up with me a week ago and have stopped contact. On the one hand I want to really get back with her and share all my thoughts and problems with her, but on the other I also wonder if things are going to work out which make me reluctant to jump back into things with her even if she wanted to.

    My advice is to move on for now, he's acted pretty immature and seems to have issues dealing with the breakup. Maybe one day down the road when he's settled down a bit and changed you two can find each other again but he sounds like he is going to just be a rollercoaster of a relationship if you get back with him now


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  • If he's being nasty he really liked you. If he was indifferent he never cared!
    Personally I'd move on. You deserve and you will find better.
    Sex is not really a good reason to want someone back. My ex was amazing in bed but a terrible person. I haven't spoke to him in months and I never will no matter how much I 'miss him'


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