How do I tell a guy friend I don't want to be his girlfriend again?

A good friend of mine, who as we grow older I respect him more as a friend then a boyfriend. We used to be together (BF/GF) during HS and some college but as we grew older we just didn't have the same chemistry as we did long ago.

Well after a fews years of just being friends he wants to get back together again since he's in that time/ age of finding "the one" well I don't want to get back together nor be HIS ONE. I have been writing a Pro/Con list of the debates on getting back together so when I tell him I have a logical answer because a simple "I don't want to be with you forever" isn't enough to get through his skull.

SO how do I tell him guys/girls?

*Sorry for long post*


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  • One thing you have to realize is if a guy will dismiss a "no" from you (which by all rights should be treated with utmost respect). That he will also reject any form of rational argument.

    Saying "No I'm not interested" is already the highest form of being rational in this situation. I know it's not easy, but give him the clearest "no" possible. This isn't some sort of university debate - this is the rest of your life! What you say is paramount!

    If he will not respect that then he's no friend and would make an even worse partner.

    You have the power inside yourself to make your own choices in life and he has to respect that and move on. Matters of the heart are not won with debates - a yes or no should always suffice.

    If he doesn't listen you should walk away otherwise you'll find yourself in this situation for a long time. The sooner you walk the sooner he will realize that he needs to look at other options.

    • Thank you Lavis. Its just he's a logical guy and so he will question or ask why to a simple yes/no answer. He did ask to be BF/GF last year and I said no because i wasn't ready for a BF and be his again but this time I know he's not the one for me. Im hoping to get together this weekend and let him know its done for good.

    • Good plan - you're being very brave!

      Be as clear as possible - it's your future too! You got this! :)

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  • you just need 2 firmly but nicely remind him why u guys broke up in the first place. and tell him nothing has changed since that. that might get through his head.

    • thanks for the tip. I do/did want to be nice and firm so my point is acrossed, I just don't want him to be distant from me just because I don't see 'us' the way he sees 'us'.

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