Girls, if you want to break up with your BF?

How would you let him know?

Simple poll, please answer one or click other and tell me how you'd do it?
  • I'd let him guess I am?
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  • I'd let him know through inconspicuous cues?
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  • I'd let him know by saying "I think we should break up" (or something similar)
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I would talk with him about our relationship and say why are the reasons I want to break up.

    • In person?

      What if you couldn't reach him in person for a while?

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    • If my GF is still talking to me and hasn't said she wants to break up with me... but has joked about it once, does that mean she will?

    • Oh, so that's the problem! ;)
      Don't think too much about it, maybe she was just kidding and nothing more. She probably doesn't know that it made you feel insecure.
      The best thing you can do to end this feeling of uncertainty is to ask you directly.
      I'm sure she will find cute you've been worried all this time.

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  • Tell him what I see and how it makes me feel, and ask him if he sees it too. If he agrees to it all, it's over because he knew what he was doing. If he explains himself and lets me see it in another perspective, we'll work it out.
    I prefer to talk about it first and then make my decision from there

  • Nope, am blunt I'd tell him to jog on. Not interested in that crap anymore.

    • Good to know!

      So you'd never let a guy "hang"? As in you wouldn't expect him to guess it?

    • Nope, chicks who do that are rebound seeking loosers.

    • Lol you are blunt ;)

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