Ex was bothered by someone's post on my fb?

I gave up on us working things out a while ago. We had a long serious relationship. Long story short she left for back home and got in a relationship within a month. There was back n forth. She got dumped and we kind of reconciled but she went back to him. She handled it poorly it was a bad deal. I vanished, reached out trying to play it cool and we were on great terms but she was clearly with this guy. I say enough to myself finally she doesn't give a rats ass about you. Loved her deeply but time to go. They've been together over a year. She's friends with my friends from here and blasts their stuff all over fb. Bout a week a go I make a random post that a friend (she wasn't fond of) said something choice about her. Basically if she didn't love me at all she wouldn't have been crazy. It's a public page that you like an follow not a personal. My actual post referred to nothing about her at all. I didn't reply to what the girl put. I don't even talk to her anymore. The ex hits me up and it clearly bothered her. I had no idea what she was talking about first. She said her friends asked her about it and it was embarassing, I think that's bs she was creepin. Putting that on blast is rude, I had no respect for her and didn't defend her. I tell her who of your friends (only two that like the page) still cares about what I'm up to. I can't control what someone else who saw me hurt thinks and saysand further more I owe you nothing. You lost that privilege when you left me and for someone else. I was blown away she thought I should have all this respect and defend her for leaving me the way she did and being with someone else. There's other things along those lines she also said but in a nutshell that's what the vibe was. I handled her appropriately. We didn't end the convo on a bad note at all. Neither of us are mean people. I don't get after all this time why that would bother her when she's supposedly so in love and happily ever after with another guy.
To reiterate. The friend of mine commented on a post I made. I didn't post what the friend said. Sry for the confusion


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What Girls Said 1

  • Just ignore her. I would unfriend her and just don't talk about her to others.

    • Were not even friends on there. But yea... I was so blown away I couldn't help responding. Honestly I shouldn't have. Maybe things aren't what they seem with her.

What Guys Said 1

  • So what is upsetting if you feel you handled it best and you knew why she'd be upset?

    • I'm not upset. I don't know why she is upset. She's with another man. Now after all this time she says that? I'm supposed to defend her? Why would that bother her? I don't get it that's why

    • I imagine she just was distraught over the matter and sought to appeal to your humanity.

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