How can you unlove someone?

No matter what I do, I still love him and thinking maybe he really love me, there's a reason behind his actions. My head says he is a jerk, idiot, unrespectful, not true friend and a total waste of time. I always turn-off myself to him because I know he is not worth it. But whenever I close my eyes every time I sleep, my heart beats fast. I always dream of us together, kissing and I hugging him tightly. Why does he kiss me back in my dream? And I woke up everytime still in Love. And I hated myself for loving him too much.


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  • You click your start menu.
    Then you go to the Control Panel.
    Search for the "Love Settings"
    Click the "Advanced" tab.
    Then you click to the "Emotions Manager" button.
    Within there you should see a list of people you've loved.
    Now what you want to do is click the "romantic interest" tab and set the value of the person you don't want to love to 0.

    Restart your OS , and that someone should be unloved.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Time. It's the only way. And sometimes it takes a long time. A very long time. I feel your pain!

    • i'd say time and not contacting him as well. that helps with me.

    • You're right @kain7th. Every time you see them it all starts over again!

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  • You don't. There's a point when you learn how to allow your emotions to carry themselves as normal but you don't allow yourself to suffer illogical consequences of those emotions.


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  • honestly find a guy & the good things about him & the things the guy you love doesn't have

  • may be time could solve your problem


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