Do people cyber stalk exes that they still have feelings for?

Or do they do it out of boredom.
My guy has been stalking me for 8 months now.


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  • I mean what is he doing that you consider stalking? It usually happens because he has extreme feelings of possession towards you

    • He's been on my stuff, my sisters stuff. Just looking mostly but he has accidently liked stuff I know he wouldn't have done on purpose. Or would he? Lol

      Your opinion is rather interesting!!! So it's Sorta a control thing then

    • Ah he's just creeping because he likes you lol I don't think he is a hardcore stalker or anything

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  • I did it out of boredom. I had to see what the next chick was lookin like haha. I also wanted to see if his life was better without me. Yet, it wasn't :)


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  • It is an obssession a lot of people have..


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