Am I stupid for buying her and her kid a gift because I behaved stupid last time?

I dont know if will change anything between her and me, i want her back, but i acted like an idiot last time. also wrote some horrible stuff about her on Facebook. stranglly enough she could unblock me from all social media then. i felt power for the first time since we started hanging around. i decided to delete it, after a heated phone call with her. she isn't a saint, and it was the first time i got angry. but i feel bad about it, and i do want her back. first i just want to apoligize for acting the way i did, i bought her a book , and her kid something to play with.

im not asking her to take me back, i just want to tell them im sorry. is this a good way to open the door a bit, so one day we can actually talk and give it another go. she slighty susgested that during that phone call. im not rewarding her bad behavior but i feel like i did something really bad,


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  • A gift is a good ice breaker to start a real conversation with a real apology. Have you watched Jerry Maguire? A woman with a kid doesn't screw around. You are not her first priority, and you need to know that. She doesn't have time or the emotional energy to wait for you to grow up and treat her like a woman. The gifts will only open the door. What you do after that will show her how much a man you are, and how much you truly want to be in her life as a friend or anything else. Moms are some of the most forgiving people out there. Good luck and I hope it works out.

    • a conversation at this moment seems impossible, ill put a little note there, be a bit flirty but apologize for 3 things. 1. sorry for being so bad at the end ( i got angry finding out she is seeing a 21 yo and she refused to tell me what was going on ). 2. for not listening to her or respecting her that she wanted some time for herself , 3. for making her pregnant , because i feel that miscarriage pushed us away from each other. after that a small note a bit flirty, and not any drama in it. hm screwing around, ok i want your vision on her behavior and actions then. before me she was seeing a 18 yo criminal ( i believe him to deal drugs ), then i showed up, we dated in July had fun , ( worked at the same place, had my own place a car, etc.. ) , she goes on a holiday, starts a relationship wth a 29 yo unemployed dude living with his mom, in just 2 weeks, then after 7 weeks not knowing what was going, we ende dup having sex 4 times in 5 days, she gets pregnant

    • and things get serious, i decided to stay and tell her i want the child, and she couldnt make up her mind, she miscarried. shortly after , a guy friend comes over with friends, 1 or 2 weeks after miscarrying and she drinks 3 bottles of whiskey with them, with a 7 yo in the house after the miscarriage ( i was upset ) , then 2 or 3 weeks after the guy friend sleeps over at her place, yes she tells me he is coming over, but im not allowed to sleep at her place. now she is seeing a 21 yo, no idea , bet she saw some other guys during her Christmas holiday back at her hometown. and she doesn't talk to me, calls me names, i mainly want to aplogize because i feel bad about myself, do i want her back, yes, but i dont want to make it to obvious, and certain things have to be discussed i find her behavior unacceptable and damaging to her daughter. but im gonna do it because i believe she is worth fighting for, and after i did, ill take things slow, leave her some space and time to rethink

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  • Apologizing with the gift is a good thing. Apologizing with hopes of opening the door so you can get back in the nookie using gifts and shinies is an underhanded thing and makes you a bad man. Choose wisely.

    • i just want to apologize firstly, and tell her in a letter that i agree that for now its better we dont see each other. i also tell her, that i feel really bad for my behavior, that wasn't me, i never spoke a bad word about you. i just want her and her kid to few me not as a bad person, maybe she geta angry about me buying them something but i dont want to be asscoaited as an ass hole, and espciallynot by her kid. i began to like that kid. she used that kid against me.

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    • should i write her im just her to apologize , thats it, go no contact for a while, and maybe be a bit flirty, and then remain quiet for 1 or 2 weeks, see if she responds, im really not good in these games, im very open about my feelings, maybe i should just apologize, and write a sentence down the apology saying, hope we can forget about it all, because we had a great thing going on. i want to apologize for my bad behavior, i want to say sorry for not listening to her, and going to fast, and for getting her pregnant, because the miscarriage as a result really pushed us out of each toher. she was never the same anymore. at one point i thought she liked the idea of having her own family, she enjoyed watching me playing with her kid, and she was pregnant at that moment. i never felt so happpy in my life, i dont want to write a long letter, but i do want her to know, that i thought what we had was something worth fighting for

    • I can't help you.

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