How should I go about getting her back?

I am looking to make a connection with my ex that dumped me, she is headstrong, mature, smart. She left me because she lost touch with her spirituality so she said. I THINK THE REAL REASON IS THAT I SENSED SHE DIDN'T FEEL THE SAME ABOUT ME THAT I DID ABOUT HER. so I backed off a bit and started to resent her sub-consciously. I loved her very much and know she loved me too. I am not really 100% sure why she left. I am good looking, we had great sex and a great connection with many commonalities. It has been 3 months today and I want her in my life, I do not need her, I just want her.


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  • You can't make someone come back to you through any gesture.


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  • Try talking to her about the spirituality thing. Or just move on.


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