Friends with benefits would make a great GF but, I don't want that, what to do?

Mt friends with benefits will do whatever I ask and she is a great person, could be my best GF ever but I don't feel that way about her.


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  • Does she want that? If she does and you don't then friends with benefits is officially over


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  • Think about all the things you don't want. Then you will find out what you do.

    For example:
    John: what time is it?
    Bob: think about what it's not then you will find out what it is.
    John: it's certainly not 5 pm.
    Bob: and it's definatly not 3 am.

    And so on.

    It works I swear I tried it

  • Nope nope nope.
    That's part of FWBs, no matter how amazing they are a person as well as in bed, you don't text, you don't date, nothing. It's simply part of the friends with benefits deal.

  • Then you don't bother with a relationship, either keep things the way it is... or split. In this case there's really no mediums. You'll hurt her


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  • Not sure what the dilemma is.

    • Ilike the sex, and she is uber cool and would make a great GF, I just am not ready for more and I don't have feelings other then wanting sex

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    • but I can tell she is falling for me

    • Then tell her no.

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