Should I tell him how I feel, and risk rejection. Or should I just continue my hiatus and fight like hell to get over him?

I told my company that I'm taking a 3 month sabbatical. .. I have issues to work through I'm going through a divorce and lately everything seem to be stressing me out. I'm not in love with my soon to ex but we have a few affairs that has to be put in perspective, and it's just a long road.

.. However about 4 years ago I met someone I fell deeply in love with, he's doesn't know, we never had anything but, I wanted to so bad.

It's one of those relationships that can turn either romantic or the best of friends. He's a really nice guy and yes we flirted but never took it beyond that.
But now I want more.
I know he wouldn't try anything cause well according to the law I am still legally married. I respect it. The thing is I can't stop wanting this man I've tried so hard to let go of feeling that I assumed was temporary.
But, I can't and now the stress is wearing on me.. it's like I'm in this unrequited love story but can't come clean to him about my feelings. I'm in fear he won't feel the same or wouldn't agree due to the drama I'll be going through.
Any way we were business partners, but with all I'm harboring plus a divorce, things has changed. I'm pushing him away as my friend and business partner in hopes I can get over these feelings.
I'm not sure how to proceed tho. I told him I'll be M. i. a. for a while to re focus which is true. I'm going through a divorce and it's a lot right now... but what I didn't say is that I'm also taking a hiatus because I'm in love with you and my feelings are beginning to overwhelm me and I'm in pain because I can't have you, and every time I'm around u I feel so complete.
And I want him, I want him here. And just I love him so much. and if I can't have him I want this world a lone... half of why Im staying away for a while.
I left that part out.. He believes it's just stress of my divorce which is only half true. I'm in love with him. And I know until either I get over it I won't be the same.


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  • Well "if I am right", your divorce might get tougher if you get caught? So having him "right now" isn't a good idea "I think" (if my memories of american's laws are right).

    However if you trust that person and have known him for long, you should at least tell him how you feel, it shouldn't be a problem at all. It would even relieve some stress on yourself no matter the answer.

    • Dammit, there u go... and the sad truth is ur 100% right. ...

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    • It will hurt for some days like any rejection, it's better than living a life full of regrets right?

    • Yeah, ur right.

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  • Why can't you just be with him after your divorce?

    • Good point, but you know how these things can be dragged out, the thing is I haven't told exactly how I felt. . And I don't know if I should. . I'm trying to figure out if I should take the time to get over him like intended, or should I just be honest with him and let him know I need time to get him out my system

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    • Rejection hurts but the regret of never telling him how you feel and possibly never getting the chance to be with him will be with you a lot longer than his rejection.

    • Yeah, ur right.. thanks. I don't know, maybe I'll take a week or two and think hard about admitting this. Thanks again!

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