I know it's been asked many times before but I need help how the hell can I get over him?

My ex and I broke up almost a year ago. He's not the kind of guy to stay friends with exes ever. He's 36 it's not like he isn't set in his ways.

Well we basically started seeing each other again 2 months after we broke up. I was at his house every night, went weekends away with my friends. But also went through hell because some psycho chick started stalking me and was obsessed with him. So we stopped talking for a few months. I thought we were done not even friends I hated him. But after 2 months of zero contact and me getting my life back together he messaged me. It was awkward and just thought it was a one time thing. Well new years we started talking again a lot he's not around for awhile but he wants to talk to me. For a long time I fought that I had feelings for him. But lately all that love has come back.

I know I should just stop talking to him. But it's hard for me. I was anti love girl marriage is stupid people don't last. But then I met him. I just don't understand how people can go through this much shit and not be meant for each other.

I doubt the feelings mutual and I'm just over thinking. But I don't know how to get over him.


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  • You know , he is just playing with your heart. Find the strength and move on. There are lots of other good guys out there.
    I had a ex gf that kept coming back just to keep me there. She im her sick mind didn't want me moving on. Feels me in then takes off again. Every few months. It is a sickness. Finally I told myself never again and felt so much better !
    She thought she could win me back no matter who i may of been in relationship with. Just sick !!

    She's been in 10-12 relationships somse us. That's 12 to my 1.

    Find the strength to tell yourself he's not worth it and find someone who cares for you and knows pulling at someone's heart strings is very selfish !

    Uses you as his im between? His crutch while seeing another he may be fighting with or split with?
    He isn't worth it !!
    You are !!! :-)


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  • Keep busy to keep your mind off of it. Try to do fun stuff with your friends. In time things will feel better, so just try and keep your mind occupied in the mean time


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