Why would an ex want to be friends?

Y would an ex want to be friends? Do they think they'll get back together? Or wat?


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  • "Some" do think the person there were with was an amazing friend, things just couldn't work as a couple and it's fine
    "Some" do think there's always a chance to get the girl back
    "Some" want to spy on you because they can't get over it
    "Some" need to say that to feel like they are getting over it but will barely contacts you

    In the end there are like thousands of reasons for an ex to do so but the only thing that matter is what "you" want.


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  • sometimes but others why not be friends there is nothing bad in being friends with your ex.


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  • good question and I was hoping there was some responses to this I am recently divorced after 27 years of marriage to the same woman being together for 30 years I found out after an amicable divorce she had cheating on me for 2 years with another married man and continue to see him after the divorce bringing him to her family's house that I have known for 30 years forcible have to accept the bed sickens me but I'm not going to get into that right now for 7 months after the divorce she would not like hold my text my emails she would drop off the children were all grown now in their twenties and I would ask her does she plan on staying friends or no and she would drive away saying no all of a sudden one day she shows up back into my life acting like it was normal after about a month I was getting along going out shopping dinner movies she said she was going to bring some clothes over in case after work we wanted to go out well out of the blue I see a huge blue tote when I got home from work she had brought multiple bras underwear Exedra next thing I know she is spending the night a couple times we are starting to have sex and she continues to say to me but she doesn't want to give me the wrong impression she doesn't want me to think that we are getting back together this is not a relationship it is a friendship well it's one of the best friendships I've ever had in my life I have to tell you lol now she has walked out of my life again telling me that I ccause hertoo much drama and anxiety so I'll tell you what if you can figure women out you will be the richest man in the world she broke my heart more than once silly me I allowed it


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